SHIIR is the finest collection of artisanal rugs designed by leading interior designers Soucie Horner, Ltd., in collaboration with third-generation rug purveyor Oscar Isberian. Together, we've traveled to India. Explored rug-making techniques. And pondered ways to honor sumptuous raw materials while exploiting them to drive design in novel and unexpected fashion. The result: hand woven masterpieces that venture far beyond the realm of qualities you might expect. Opulent, of course – but also moody, edgy, sexy, and complex, embodying a peerless, rough-luxe sensibility.

SHIIR is where innovation meets tradition. Where the centuries-old hand weaver's art is celebrated not by reliance upon convention, but by passion for originality. Where luxurious fibers such as cashmere, mohair, pashmina, and silk are revered as well as romanced, accentuating inherent qualities of color, texture, luminescence, and hand. Where inspiration – in the form of antique textiles, Cotswold mosses, a vintage mirror, and even the cap of a forest floor mushroom – waits only to be noticed, captured, and reimagined. Where nuances of knot count, material, finish, wash, shearing, country of origin, scale and pattern are exhilaratingly reinterpreted.